Ivory Floral Side Slit Boho Kimono

Ivory Floral Side Slit Boho Kimono

Артикул: SL55736

785 грн.

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This Floral Side Slit Boho Kimono is the ultimate way to add some feminine edge to your spring and summer outfits! This thin, long and flowy garment with a modern a long side split hem is perfect for throwing on over your favorite tank top and cut off shorts, over a tunic and leggings, or a skin tight little party dress! If you ever just want that extra layer to feel comfortable or if you just need something to complete an otherwise drab and boring look, this is the simple, elegant solution! You’ll love having this in your closet!


  • Категорія: Халати, піжами
  • Размер: S

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